Estimation Nation

Estimated bills are annoying.

We might grumble. Then grudgingly accept them.

Imagine a world in which estimation was the norm.

That’s the premise of a series of absurdly comic films for Smart Energy via AMVBBDO.





Post Office Money

I believe I can fly…

Rob Webb gets airborne in my latest spot for Post Office Money.

All Wrapped Up

Enormous fun for 2 action-packed days at Ealing Studios, working once again with Robert Webb to make 3 x 60″ ads for The Post Office – their first xmas campaign for 5 years.

The first ad to air, co-starring Jim “Carson” Carter and Pixie Lott is here.

Ad of the day in Campaign and The Drum, it also got some lovely press in The Telegraph.

No Offence

I’ve now completed principal photography on the opening 2 episodes of No Offence, a bold new police comedy drama from the pen of Paul Abbott (Shameless, State of Play).

No Offence, starring Elaine Cassidy, Jo Scanlan and Alexandra Roach, will air on Channel 4 in 2015.

A Shark for Jésus

My Meteor “Brain Surgeon” commercial has just won a Shark Award at Kinsale.

Performance props to the immaculate Rufus Jones – supported by industrial quantities of hairspray.

Here’s the ad.

Duelling dildos

Unconventional weapons in ‘Playthings’, the gun control PSA I’ve directed for McCann’s in New York.

It notched up 1.5 million views on youtube in its first day – and stirred up debate in The Washington Post and Time Magazine.

It’s now a whisker away from 6 million views.


Sardines on BBC2

How many actors can you squeeze into a wardrobe? The answer – in this case – is 12.

“Sardines” is the first episode of “Inside No.9”, an anthology series of 6 dark comedies I’ve directed for BBC2, written by and starring Reece Shearsmith and  Steve Pemberton (The League of Gentlemen) alongside a stellar supporting cast including Katherine Parkinson, Tim Key, Anna Chancellor and Timothy West. In the words of The Times: “if a bomb dropped on the cupboard where they were hiding, a good portion of the acting talent in this country would be wiped out.”

I’ve shot in some tight spaces before, but the wardrobe is probably the tightest. The claustrophobic quality is essential to the piece, lending an excruciating edge to the social comedy. Nevertheless, just to achieve  the shots we needed, we filmed with 2 wardrobes: one in the main set, for entrances and exits; and another, breakaway version, for closer interior coverage. Neither had an escape hatch to Narnia.

Inside No. 9: “Sardines” is on BBC2 on Weds 5 February at 10pm.

Blow Up in Boot Camp

Almeria, Southern Spain. In the footsteps of Leone and Lean.

2 long days in the desert shooting a series of TV spots for Just Eat.

The films riff on that cinematic staple, the boot camp, with a screwball culinary spin.

A band of takeaway chefs is training to stop a nation from cooking – with a jousting lance, a steamroller, and a dash of nitro-glycerine.

Full Metal Frying Pan.

Here’s a link to the first 3o” Boot Camp spot.